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May. 27th, 2015


[sticky post] Welcome to the new community!! Please read Before posting!

Hi everyone!
I started my own community bc I couldn't find an active one that would allow us to share our life experiences with essential oils. Things from info on the oils themselves, recipes and uses of them.

Here you are welcome to post anything from what oils you currently use, their benefits to you, how you implement these oils in your life, How they are transforming your life, or just praise your joys with any benefits your having. Basically most anything pertaining to your adventures with essential oils. I encourage posting questions or concerns and we, as a community, will give our knowledge and personal involvement with that oil or concern.

One major rule I will enforce (by deleting post) I mainly don't want brand bashing. This is about the oils themselves. Brands and quality rants should not even be equivalent to what this community is about.

As a way to keep no advertising (yourself or brands) in the community I plan (in future) to make a sticky post strictly for advertising wellness advocates. The post I sticky will allow you one comment each to post a short message about yourself, brand of choice, and link to your site for those who wish to compare brands for themselves at their own leisure with no pressure.

I hope everyone enjoys this journey we are all taking together with essential oils! I would love to hear your story!

Jul. 13th, 2015


Geranium ( pelargonium graveolens )

I had ordered me some geranium and it came in today. I ordered this oil because one what the emotions book had said. Basically went like this:
the oil of love and trust. It restores confidence in yourself and others. It facilitates trust, emergence of grief or pain that's been suppressed, and reestablishes strong bonds. It encourages emotional honesty, love and forgiveness. Instills unconditional love and fosters trust. It addresses all types of emotional issues including; abandonment, loss, distrust, unforgiving, unloving, disheartened, grief, etc. Its companion oils are marjoram, ylang ylang, rose calming blend.

I have come a long way in my P.P.R. using the help of oils but I wanted to see if this could be that extra boost of support. We'll see!

Geraniums top properties are: hemostatic, detoxifier, regenerative, anti-allergenic, anti-hemorrhagic, antitoxic, cytophylactic.

Blends well with lavender, sandalwood, ylang ylang, citrus oils.

Top uses through out history and today: liver, gall bladder and kidney support. cuts and wounds, pms and hormone balancing, low libido, dry or oils skin and hair, moisturizer, body odor, and emotional balance.

I know this is nicknamed the poor mans rose but to me its closely on verge of being stinky (I haven't quite decided if I like it or not, So far I've used it undiluted) so I'm not sure how peoples used it to help with body odor LOL. My book I use caution to use diluted as for some it could be a skin irritant, tho it says you can use internally in a capsule.. so I assume if your allergic topically do not take internally LOL. What have yalls thoughts and experiences been using geranium? any favorite blends??

Jun. 28th, 2015


quick post

I had plans to post some more but "life" things happened. I just wanted to share this link real quick. its good read to learn about blending your own mix's of essential oils. the 30,50,20 rule is very popular and she explains it the best(imo). it explains how they evaporate at different rates and leave different scents.. anyway yall feel free to post your experiences!!


Jun. 19th, 2015


Hightlighting: Juniper Berry!

Juniper Berry (Juniperus Communis) is from the conifer (cypress) family.

Primary Uses: Acne, Alcoholism, dermatitis/eczema, kidney stones, tinnitus, urinary health,
Water retention, stress, cholesterol and blood sugar support. Fear. Nightmares

Historical Uses: Cleaning infections/wounds, relieving arthritis, UTI, Liver complaints,
plagues/Epidemics, fevers, embalming, pulmonary infections. parasite cleans

Body system(s) affected: Digestive, nervous, skin, Emotional balance

Blends well with: All citrus oils, cypress, geranium, rosemary, Vetiver, clary sage

Properties: detoxifier, diuretic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, anti-rheumatic,
carminative, anti parasitic.

Emotional reference Guide Book: Oil of night. Juniper Berry assists with fear of the dark or
unknown. Helps ppls understand fears are intended to be our
teachers. Offers courage & protection during nighttime.
Encourages an honest assessment of info being communicated
from within. A Guide on the path toward wholeness.
Addresses: Irrational fears, recurrent nightmares, restless sleep

Personal Experience: I use this oil to help with my sleep paralysis. Its a condition that, induced by stress factors, causes the person to not be able to move their body and even hallucinate during either falling asleep or waking up. Basically your body/brain is asleep and awake at the same time. Iv done several in-depth research on this as mine are VERY terrifying in the hallucination aspect but also not being able to control your body is very scary. Iv learned my triggers and stress levels to assess when I may have chance of them happening, learned ways to wake myself from them. Juniper Berry is VERY VERY beneficial to me! On one of the nights that I had been given a sample I was very stressed but forgot to put it on, as I had yet to try it. I did have a sleep paralysis episode and after I awoke, still terrified and labored breathing, I reached over and put the oil on bottom of my big toe. Your brain reflexology spot. I very quickly felt a soothing affect and calmed down considerably (it normally takes me hours to calm down and even longer to talk myself into going back to sleep) This was very remarkable. I didn't really like the smell at first but with so many helpful episodes within a few weeks I fell in love with the smell and even now just smelling the oil relaxes my fears a good degree.

My next post will about helichrysum. If there are anything specific you wish to know while I do additional research be sure to let me know! As always Id love to hear your experiences with these oils that are highlighted! If you want to read about the inspiration for highlighting helichrysum and the body scanner to accesses what oils your body needs- read my personal blog.


Cassia (Cinnamomum cassia)

Cassia (cinnamomum cassia) is from the lauraceous (laurel) family.

Primary uses: decongestant during colds, Stimulate circulation, Immune health, Emotional balance, detoxifier, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic, cooking

Historical uses: increase sex drive, water retention, stimulate digestion and colds.

Blends well with:
wild orange, ginger, white fir, thyme, and cardamom, bergamot, clove,

SAFTY!!: ~Dilute heavily for T use. May cause skin irritation and repeated use can
result in extreme contact sensitization.
~Can reduce milk supply in lactating women.
~Avoid if you use blood thinner medication as its properties to thin blood
could cause serious problems.

Emotional Reference Guide Book: the oil of Self-Assurance. Cassia brings gladness & courage
to the heart and soul. Helps bolden those who are timid and
shy. Similar to Cinnamon, cassia dispels fear. Aids in
replacing foolishness by helping them to see their own
Brilliance. Helps to "let their light shine"
Addresses: Embarrassed, hiding, fear, humiliation, insecure, judged,
shy, worthless

Personal experience: ok, so I was advised to try this oil for emotional reason though I wasn't completely sure it'd benefit me in anyway. My mom also wanted to try it so I was like "why not". Man! I kinda want to hoard this oil LOL! Now, granted I didn't do my research too much before buying (I always want a pretty bios first impression) I am in love with this oils smell. Its so subtle for a cinnamon family but sweeter- like a cinnamon roll! O man I get automatically happy when smelling it. Now it is recommended; like other similar oils, not to whiff strongly over bottle as it can burn your nose. In my classes I always advise newer ppl experiencing oils for first time to treat them like you would chemicals in lab class. Hold the bottle a little aways from you and swirl the bottle under your nose as you sniff gently. So far everyone that's sniffed it in a class has loved how gentle scented it is, and they always have a smile with their first reaction. I mostly diffuse this as I use it for aromatherapy.

Do you guys use this oil? If so what are your experiences with it?

Jun. 10th, 2015


Quick recipes

Since I have an e.o. class tomorrow night and need to prepare I thought I'd keep todays post simple with a few recipes.

First one will be easy if you like oatmeal. Just cook oatmeal as regular. Then in a tiny bit of milk mix oil of choice (usually cassia, cinnamon, cardamom or even a protective blend) and add that to the cooler oatmeal. The high heat in cooking can ruin the e.o. properties.

If your a pancake person, Its super easy to add the above oils right into the milk mix before the pancake dry ingredents. Pancakes are cooked so low that they will be ok to cook oils in it. just a note: protective blend works great with white bread while cinnamon is great with wheat

Creamy Cilantro Salad Dressing: 1/2 c buttermilk
1/2 c mayonnaise
1/2 c sour cream
1 pack dry ranch buttermilk dressing mix
2d cilantro E.O
6 stalks green onions, sliced
4 golden pepperoncini peppers
1d lime E.O.
1 tsp sugar.
Combine all in blender and refrigerate.
Great on salads,tortillas, and as a herbal bread dip.
Thai Lemongrass Chicken: 1/2c finely chopped lemongrass (3-4 stalks)
2TBSP finly chopped shallots
1TBSP finely chopped garlic
4 1/2 tsp fish sauce
1 TBSP soy sauce
1 pinch crushed red pepper flakes
1 1/2 tsp kosher salt
2 TBSP granulated sugar or 1TBSP agave
1 (3-4lbs) whole chicken
2 TBSP finely chopped fresh cilantro
1TBSP vegetable oil
3-4d lemongrasss E.O.
Put all but the E.O as a marinate over night on and in the chicken atleast
3hrs in the fridge. Cooking the bird on 350 for 40min. turn the bird over
and rub in the E.O., cilantro and vegetable oil- roast until nicely brown

if you guys would like a particular recipe or dish item let me know and Ill rummage thru my books to see what I can find!! Im in the middle of writing hightlights on juniper berry and cassia so if theres anything you'd like to know specifically about those two let me know so I can address any parts of concern or intrest

Jun. 8th, 2015



So todays post I thought Id highlight my namesake. Melissa Officinalis more commonly known as Lemon Balm. It origins is south Europe, North Africa and central Asia. Its not cultivated in the U.S. anymore and therefore grows wild. You can buy at most Plant nurseries.

This wonderful plant is a vigorous grower so will spread like crazy if not kept in check. It has bright green leaves with dainty little flowering blooms. Melissa is from the mint family but has a gentle & sweet lemon-like smell unlike most mints. It takes 66lbs (30kg) of flowers/stems to steam distill just one 5ml bottle of essential oil. Yup that's why its so expensive!

Melissa Essential Oil is wonderful as an antidepressant, antiviral, hypotensive, sedative, nervine, antispasmodic, antihistamine and antibacterial. And the icing on the cake is that it can be applied NEAT just be sure, as with any new oil you try, do a skin sensitivity test first.
Peoples top uses for Melissa is for cold sores/fever blisters,colds and viral infections, depression and anxiety, hypertension and palpitations, vertigo, eczema, infertility, high blood pressure, dysentery and indigestion, and emotional balance.

When taken as a tonic it keeps everything in order. A real all around system keeper, even boosting and strengthening your immune system. Melissa is believed to inhibit the absorption of the thyroid medication thyroxin. And several studies done showing significant success in reducing stress and increasing focus. Just crushing the leaves and rubbing on your skin can repel mosquitos. This is really a powerful plant that should be considered a staple in any family's natural medicine cabinet.

Diffusing: blends well with geranium, basil and lavender.

Jun. 5th, 2015


Quick make for a friend

Made a quick roller bottle for a friends child. Odd behavioral issues and my go too was Frankincense. Why you ask? We have a few friends whose children are autistic and had sooo many accounts saying their use of frankincense has helped tremendously!! One woman, whose child was very withdrawn, said that after a week of *frequent daily* use he started saying more words. After two weeks of use was finally eating at the table with the family instead of alone. After three weeks of use he was playing with his brother and actually gave his mom a hug. For their family this was a miracle to have their son function more socially when therapy alone wasn't doing it.
I decided to add grapefruit because its great mental/emotional stress reliever. Also great for people who have O.C.D or addiction/withdrawal issues. Helps tension, depression, sympathetic nervous system.

If you wanna see the pic of the bottle you can view it onn my page!

Jun. 4th, 2015


Babyshower Stress; who knew?!!

So to help with stress Iv mixed up a warm fruit blend. Calming to me, I would love to hear what yall think about this blend.

2d thyme, 4d grapefruit, 5d bergamot, 2d abrovitae, 2d myrrh.

Like I said the thyme, abrovitae, and myrrh gives it a warm (almost spicy but not sharp enough to be called spicy) citrus smell. kinda like walking in a fruit grove on summer day. Love to hear yalls opinions. I make it sound kinda nasty but its actually nice!!

Jun. 3rd, 2015


Another quick one...

So due to time I wanted to get on, to just say something atleast, and my exerpierence right now is a good one I believe.

So yes I have the dreaded sinus issues again. Don't you love allergies?! Im currently taking the allergy blend of:: 2d lemon, 2d lavender, 2d peppermint. (Im doing that in a veggie cap internally and diffusing it) It works fast! But its giving me a raw throat from all the draining. Now I need this drainage so to cope Im using the digestive blend that I use from the brand I work with. But if you read my earlier post I had posted the digestive blend for allergies that can be mixed up using any oils.

3d basil, 3d clove, 2d thyme, 2d rosemary, 2d coriander, 1d ginger, 1d
peppermint (can be doubled) in roller bottle: fill with f.c.o. apply topical
to facial sinus area, glands under ears. or all this but the f.c.o. can be in capsule.

I use this (T) in a roller bottle most (but can be taking {I} with a veggie cap) I roll it over my facial sinus areas and on glands around my ear. Then I rub Melaleuca on my throat and that helps the painful part of the scratchy throat but the scratchiness still there. I can handle that as long as pain is gone. it works fast too.

now with all this going on with the baby shower getting down to the wire and gotta paint the Paper Mache statues I'm making plus a toddler who's teething is last 4 teeth; sleeping is limited. Most people would go to lavender to help them sleep (either T. or diffused) but lavender doesn't help me at all. Not one bit. So I went to the ever popular Vetiver! and OMG its amazing for me! Diffuse and T! Sometimes its best to just diffuse bc I also use Juniper Berry on bottom of my big toe (then rub my big toes together) it keeps me from having my sleep paralysis. Iv learned too that stress triggers them so I know if its been particularly stressful day to just put it on and I don't have one.

OH! Don't forget if your having problems with house flies (we're literally boxed in by cow pastures here at my house) diffuse patchouli!! Believe me I was blessed when I learned this. Also, if you take it out with you on picnics or parks, put 1d on each corner of your table outside and they'll not land on your table! They go to everyone else's but yours!!

so maybe that'll help someone, I hope. But guys feel free to share as much as you want with your experiences!! I'm sure yall know something that I don't!!

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